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Automatic Backup Generators

Automatic Backup Generators | Albany NY | Latham NY | Delmar NY

Automatic backup generators are a cost-effective and incredibly useful power- generating device that are becoming commonplace in many residential situations. Should a power outage occur, this unit will automatically sense the outage and start the generator to power up your home within a few minutes. After the power outage has subsided, the unit will automatically shut down and transfer back to the original source of power.

These units are sized to your exact specifications and have the ability to run your entire home during a power outage. There is no need to play around with switches or dragging out a portable generator. This automatic system is extremely user-friendly.

Automatic generators operate from a natural gas or propane gas source. Our pricing includes all wiring, gas piping, installation of a carbon monoxide detector, and inspection.

Temporary Backup Generators

Temporary Backup Generators | Albany NY | Latham NY | Delmar NY

Temporary backup generators are a great cost-effective means of temporary power during a power outage. We are fully qualified and experienced with the hookup necessary to make these units a part of your home safety plan.

In the event of a power outage, these units would be wheeled into place and plugged into an outlet on the outside of your home, away from any windows or entrances. Though we do not sell the generators, we would provide you with the correct cord and outlet to make this system run up to 10 circuits in your home! We also install a transfer switch to ensure that the power from the generator and the power from the power company are kept separate.

These units do require a little work on the part of the homeowner to get the power back during an outage; specifically, moving and starting the generator, and switching over the power at your panelbox. We do offer automatic backup generators, if this process is more than you feel comfortable with.

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