Electric Service Upgrades

Electrical Service Upgrades Albany NY | Latham | Delmar | Guilderland | Clifton Park

Do you still have fuses in your home?

Does your circuit breaker panelbox look like a scary mess of wires?

Do you have a Federal Pacific circuit breaker panelbox?

If you have any reason that you feel that your electrical service needs to be replaced, we would love to give you a written, up-front quote and options for replacement.

Replacing your electrical service is the best choice you can make to update your electrical system where it enters your home. This includes installation of a new Square D QO brand circuit breaker panelbox and circuit breakers – the best in the business. We will replace your existing service wiring on the outside of the home, install a new meter enclosure for your electric meter, and make sure that your grounding system is up-to-date and functioning properly.

In most instances, on an overhead service your power company owns the electrical wires coming from the power pole overhead to your home. You only own the wiring and equipment from where the overhead wires attach to your home, down into the meter and into the electrical panelbox(es).

In most instances, on an underground service you own the underground wires from the transformer or “pad” all the way to your home. If you have any trouble with wiring you own, your power company will refer you to an electrician. We would be happy, and are fully qualified, to assist you in any of your service-related needs.

We specialize in the installation of new electrical services, and offer discounted pricing for having an entire electrical service replaced.

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