Electric Range Wiring

Gas vs. electric range: the debate continues. For those of us who love electric ranges and cooktops, a 240 volt dedicated circuit is required for operation. We would be happy to install a new circuit for you, or repair an existing circuit for proper operation.

If you are purchasing a new range, it is important to decide if you need a 4-wire receptacle. By today’s standards, a new range installation should be installed with a 4-wire receptacle. The problem is that many older homes were built with a 3-wire system for the electric range and might need to be updated. There are many benefits to having that fourth wire (this creates a separated ground and neutral for any fellow electrical geeks), and many times the older system can be updated for this new standard.

FYI, many modern gas ranges need a standard 120 volt receptacle for the operation of the digital display and controls for the unit.

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